Mar 22, 2021 

Numbers and data models are commonplace when it comes to the science of climate change, but adding music to the mix could be the secret to driving the message home.

This is why Dr. Madjid Mohseni, the scientific director at UBC-based RES’EAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, is partnering up with the Italy-based symphony Bazzini Consort in an innovative approach towards tackling climate change and its impact on water.

This World Water Day, March 22, they present a series of four short video vignettes featuring musicians playing excerpts from Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece, The Four Seasons. Vivaldi had an affinity for nature, and for Dr. Mohseni and Bazzini Consort conductor Aram Khacheh, this classical music piece was the perfect vehicle for thinking about the environment in new ways.

Dr. Mohseni, an engineering professor in the faculty of applied science specializing in clean water solutions, hopes to start conversations around climate change and water. We spoke to him about the collaborative project.

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