Bold thinking and innovative ideas don't happen in isolation.

Knowledge exchange (Kx) encompasses the many activities designed to drive positive impacts in policy, practice, culture and public dialogue through the sharing and mobilizing of knowledge with communities, government agencies, non-profit organizations and the general public.

It is vital to foster a culture of knowledge exchange, where academic knowledge is more accessible, understandable and actionable. To advance this culture of Kx, it is important to support researchers, students and staff across disciplines to develop Kx skills, engage in meaningful collaborations, communicate research effectively and demonstrate and celebrate the impacts of their works with and within the communities.

The UBC Knowledge Exchange Unit can help you:

  • Grow your knowledge and skills in Kx.
  • Navigate UBC supports for communication, partnership development and other resources to mobilize research for positive change.
  • Plot a roadmap for creating positive societal change with your research.
  • Access resources to support your Kx journey.