UBC’s seed funds invest risk capital in new and innovative startups founded by UBC students, alumni, faculty and staff.

These early equity investments are key in helping our startups build momentum in their ventures and serve as a bridge to additional outside investment capital. The UBC Seed Funds have been created through the generous charitable contributions of UBC alumni and donors.

The UBC seed funds exist to:

  • Unlock the potential of new UBC ventures to progress from concept to reality
  • Grow BC’s technology sector
  • Create positive impact in British Columbia and beyond
  • Create rewarding job opportunities for UBC graduates

Our funds

UBC has two seed funds. The UBC Seed Fund invests in the most promising UBC startups with high growth potential. The UBC Social Impact Fund invests in startups pioneering innovative business solutions to challenging social and environmental problems. 

Investments to date

We tried it and it works. We started small in order to test our thesis that by investing strategically and providing mentorship at key points we could speed and energize the process of turning new ideas and innovations into promising ventures and real impact.

Since starting the seed fund we have invested capital and extensive mentorship into 17 UBC startups

These startups have gone on to raise $75 million in additional investment capital, created over 260 new jobs and generated $14 million in combined revenue in 2017.

The UBC seed funds are led by Todd Farrell who manages the Seed Fund. Director of Impact Investments, Jana Svedova, manages the Social Impact Fund. The funds are governed by a Board of Directors and supported by an investment committee made up of UBC and industry representatives.