Innovate BC awards $300,000 to UBC's Dr. Dominik Roeser and industry partners LlamaZOO and FPInnovations for their work on research platform  TimberOps.

The project was one of four B.C.-based research projects to receive a total of $1.2M from Innovate BC's Ignite Program. The funding will accelerate commercialization efforts and bring these projects, which are developing innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors, to market within three years.

TimberOps: An Immersive Visual Analytics Platform for the Forestry Industry

Dr. Dominik Roeser (Associate Professor, Faculty of Forestry) and industry partners LlamaZOO and FPInnovations are working on a research platform called TimberOps. This innovative platform integrates heterogeneous datasets into a common visualization context and delivers immersive analytic experiences through state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), as well as desktop workstations and mobile devices. The platform provides an alternative to expensive field trips for silviculture, harvesting, and transportation planning, saving valuable time, money, and resources for end-users.

Award: $300,000

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