Discover how researchers have applied knowledge exchange to their work in the vignettes below.

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Action on Sepsis

Action on Sepsis fosters cross-cutting collaborations in biology, medicine, social determinants, policy, and public health to effectively prevent, diagnose, and manage the deadly condition of sepsis. Establishing diverse and inclusive partnerships is key to creating innovative, targeted interventions that will minimize death and disability, and improve outcomes for people with sepsis in BC and across the globe.

Action on Sepsis - two people conversing


Advanced Materials Manufacturing

The capabilities of innovative, transformative products will be shaped by the materials from which they are made. Tomorrow's complex products need to be safer, stronger and more sustainable. This is one of the great scientific challenges of our time, where UBC has made a sustained, international contribution, anchored on digital manufacturing and advanced simulations of materials. 

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia 

The Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia (CRPD) is an interdisciplinary team of practice-based and applied researchers who are committed to improving understanding and support for people living with dementia, their families and communities.​​​​​

CRPD -Dementia without borders posters at an event with people in the background

EQUIP Health Care

EQUIP Health Care is a research and implementation program that involves health equity interventions implemented in a range of health care settings. The interventions are designed to enhance organizational capacity to provide equity-oriented health care, particularly for those who experience significant health and social inequities. ​​​​

EQUIP - two people conversing in a lab


Gynecologic Cancer Initiative 

The Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI) will accelerate transformative research and translational practice on prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship of reproductive cancers. This will be done in collaboration with women throughout BC and through synergistic partnering of research institutions, scientists and clinicians to reduce the incidence and mortality of these cancers by 50 per cent in the next 15 years. 

Gynecologic Cancer Initiative

Social Exposome

The Social Exposome Research Cluster examines the social exposome, or the cumulative social exposures over the life-course that influence development and health from conception onward. The cluster adopts a "society to cell" approach to uncover the relationships among the cellular, environmental and social influences that impact development and lead to persistent disparities within our society. 

Social Exposome - children playing, one looking at the camera

Women's Health Cluster

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is a network of women’s health researchers and stakeholders that are interested in how sex and gender play a role in health outcomes. We work towards creating a future where women can live equitably healthy lives by promoting, expanding, and catalyzing impactful research on women’s health.

Women's Health Cluster - a group of people in a laboratory