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Insights from a Research Partnership

Learn about Andrea Bundon (UBC Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology) and Natalie Abele’s (ViaSport) strategies to build and sustain an effective research partnership in our new video.


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Connect your research in COVID times

This webinar is intended for UBC researchers whose primary focus isn’t the coronavirus, but who aim to share impactful knowledge on the broad range of societal issues that the crisis has uncovered. You will learn key considerations to help you engage publicly and exchange knowledge effectively.


Dr. Mohseni partners with Bazzini Consort symphony in an innovative approach towards tackling climate change and its impact on water.

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) funding through the 2020 Convening & Collaborating (C2) and Reach competitions will create pathways from research evidence to impact and help ensure that cutting-edge health research can directly improve the health of British Columbians

Over the last 20 years the UBC Learning Exchange has worked to become a trusted part of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), one of the most complex neighbourhoods in North America. It has become an important academic unit of the university, and a model for university-community engagement.