The UBC Seed Fund supports early stage startups where a core team member is a UBC student, faculty, researcher or alumni within three years of graduation.

With $600 million worth of research undertaken annually and more than 70,000 students, faculty and staff, UBC is an incredible spawning ground of high potential innovation and new ventures.

What we look for

Startups might not be perfect yet, but have some identifiable, exceptional advantage. They may have a scientific breakthrough, intellectual property or a revolutionary business model that they are developing. A good team is in place, although it is likely still growing. Ventures should know why customers value their offering and be working with them to better scope their offering. 

How to Support

Funding for the Seed Fund is provided by way of donation from both UBC alumni and others passionate about supporting and building a robust and vibrant technology sector in BC. All future returns from investments made in ventures are returned to the Seed Fund for re-investment into a future generation of UBC startups.

To learn about how you can support the future of innovation in BC contact